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Unveiling Star Old White Shoes with Diamonds

The "Star Old White Shoes with Diamonds" are a stylish and fashionable pair of shoes. Here are some details about them:

Size: Available in sizes 36-39, providing options for different foot sizes.

Pattern: The shoes feature a color matching pattern, adding a trendy and eye-catching design element.

Style: These shoes are designed with a street style, perfect for those who want to make a fashion statement.

Popular Elements: The shoes incorporate cross straps adorned with rhinestones, giving them a touch of elegance and glamour.

Heel Height: They have a flat heel, which is less than or equal to 1cm, making them comfortable for extended wear.

Color: The shoes are predominantly white in color, which is versatile and can complement various outfits.

Toe Style: They have a round head design for a classic and comfortable fit.

Applicable Scene: Suitable for daily wear, these shoes are versatile and can be worn in various settings.

Heel Style: The shoes feature inner heightening, providing a subtle boost in height.

Sole Material: The soles are made of rubber, offering durability and traction for different surfaces.

Inner Material: The inner lining is crafted from the top layer of cowhide, ensuring comfort and quality.

Applicable Objects: These shoes are designed for general use, suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Opening Depth: The shoes have a deep mouth opening, allowing for easy wearing and removal.

Cortical Features: They are made of soft dough, which enhances the comfort and flexibility of the shoes.

Shoe Making Process: These are adhesive shoes, known for their reliability and longevity.

Insole Material: The insole is made of the first layer of cowhide, which provides a comfortable and breathable interior.

Style: They are categorized as single shoes, offering a stylish and versatile choice for different occasions.

Help Surface Material: The upper part of the shoe is made of top layer cowhide, adding to the shoe's quality and appearance.

Please note that the "Pro version only" indicates that these shoes may be available in a special or upgraded version. The additional features or differences in the "Pro" version are not specified in the provided information.

Designed for those who appreciate the blend of vintage and luxurious style, our Star Old White Shoes with Diamonds are a perfect choice. They radiate a classic charm paired with sophisticated diamond adornments that capture the light beautifully, making them stand out wherever you go.

Inspired by the timeless fashion of the '50s, these shoes boast high-quality, durable materials and an old white colour that subtly reflects the retro style. The diamonds embedded on these shoes are not just any ordinary diamonds. They are chosen for their brilliant sparkle which perfectly compliments the white backdrop of the shoes.

Behind the glitz and glamour of the Star Old White Shoes with Diamonds is a foundation of comfort. Thanks to the cushioned footbed and flexible soles, you can wear them all day without discomfort. From casual shopping trips to extravagant parties, these shoes are your go-to choice for any occasion. Experience the blend of comfort, style, and luxury by adding these shoes to your collection today. Let us take you back to the vintage era while keeping you comfortable and making you the star of any event!

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